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We offer a huge range of HiFi and Personal Audio 

Included some of the most advanced speakers from Sonos and Bose®

Our home theatre systems are custom-designed, incorporating every element of your lifestyle. Requirements such as, room size, seating requirements, lighting requirements, acoustic signature of the room to interior design specifications. Our home theatre systems are known for their simplicity, user-friendliness and reliability. We are able to fully conceal all audio visual equipment, meeting the strictest interior design requirements and providing a truly authentic private cinema ambiance. The visual impact and sound quality of our home theatre systems by far exceed those of a public cinema.

Home Theatre

We offer a wide range of home theatre systems such as SONOS and Yamaha surround sound systems.


Personal Audio

Range of SONOS, Yamaha, Earthqauke and Seinheisser.


We Mainly stock Samsung HD smart TV's 4K from 32" to 90".


Sangean Radio

Sangean offer a huge variety all styles of radios, available in digital,AM and FM



With Records becoming more and more popular companies such as Music Hall ,Denon and Welling are producing a large range of vinyl players to suit your needs, they also offer a range of players with USB connectivity so you have the option of playing more songs at once 


Sonos the wireless HIFI system

All Sonos speakers are designed to be easily used by just about anyone. They are all wireless and run off your home internet system allowing you to travel from room to room using only your phone, ipod or even laptop as a remote. Sonos also offer a surround sound experience by connecting multiple devices together such as the Sub, ARC, Beam and 5 or one..



Samsung have amazing range of HD smart Tv's available in shop from 42 inches to our brand new 85 inch TV that comes with full 4K display  


Yamah RXV685.jpg
B&W M1.jpg
Yamaha Amplifiers

If your after the highest of quality sounds for your old or new speakers then Yamaha has you covered. With a huge range of amplifiers to power just about anything from record players to floor standing speakers, Yamaha also offer amplifiers to turn your 5.1 surround sound experience into a 7.1, 9.2 or even 11.2.4 design, allowing you to connect external speakers in other rooms.


Polk & Bowers & Wilkins Speakers 

Come in and Listen to our range of floor standing speakers, with a deeper and clearer sound to enjoy your large CD, record or USB collections. Almost all of our floor standing range are offered in vintage-luxurious finishes such as polished Oak and Maple


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